Azure Monitor

Microsoft Azure Monitor may be a tool to gather and analyze data collected from Azure environments and on-premises IT ecosystems. Azure Monitor enables your organization to require advantage of a unified solution to store and analyze operational telemetry within a centralized data store. There may be quite one tool that does an equivalent component as others.


Uses of Azure Monitoring

  • Detecting and studying issues throughout your packages and their dependencies using application insights. 
  • Associating infrastructure troubles, the use of the Azure display for virtual machines, and Azure screen for packing containers.
  • Studying records from tracking using log analytics for acting deep diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Supporting operations at scale via automatic response and smart indicators.
  • Producing visualizations using Azure dashboards and workbooks.

How does Azure Monitor work?

Usually, the Azure monitor collects records from goal source applications, operating systems, Azure subscriptions, Azure aid, and Azure tenants.

The metrics explorer function enables you to look at a graphical representation of multiple metrics over time.


Means of metrics are measures of a useful resource, for example, CPU usage, disk, and these are typically real-time, and because they were saved as values with an average collection.

Metrics are numerical values that describe systems. The Azure monitor can acquire the metrics in close to real-time.

Metrics are saved at some point in a time-collection database. They may tell you about the device's overall performance.


Method of logs contains time-stamped data approximately the modifications made to resources. The type of data recorded varies through log supply.

The maximum common form of log access information an event. Then events are created by using applications. 

Varieties of facts series in Azure Monitor 

This diagram describes how the Azure Monitor enables your IT team to gather data from a spread of sources, starting from one application, operating systems, and linking services to the platform itself.

Statistics are frequently obtained from a selection of sources through the Azure limit. For each of the following types, Azure reveal can be gathering the information.


In this article, you will learn about the Microsoft Azure Monitoring overview. In my next article, I will cover how to create the Monitoring process of this series.