This article continues from the last article about learning to create the compute resources in the Azure Machine Learning workspace.

After that, create the Azure Machine Learning Datasets. You would like to make data for model training to machine learning solutions. And other operations are typically encapsulated in an object called a dataset.


In Azure Machine Learning Create a dataset

Login with Created Machine Learning workspace.


Select the Datasets option into the Assets for creating the Datasets.

Then, in the dataset,

Select Registered datasets option

Then, select Create dataset from the optional menu.

After that, open the Create dataset option.

Into the Basic info option, fill in the information.

  •   Name: enter the dataset name (unique). 
  •   Dataset type: select the Tabular type.
  •   Description: enter the description of the dataset.

After that, move and select the Next option.

After that,

Into the Datastore and file selection option.

Select the Upload and choose the Upload files option.

Select and open the excel site from the location.

After that upload the file, you can see that. Then click to Next

After that,

Fill the details into the Settings and preview.

  • Select the file format: Delimited
  • Select the Delimiter: Comma
  • Select the Encoding: UF-8
  • Select the Column headers: Only the first file has headers
  •  Select the Skiprows: one

Do not need to select the Dataset that contains multi-line data

then, click the next option

After that, into the Schema,

Include all columns other than Path

Review the automatically detected types

Then, click on the Next option.

After that, into the Confirm details, check the details (Basic info, Datastore and selection, and File settings)

Then, finally created the Dataset.

You can see the created data source.

Then, explore the dataset.

Then, click on to Create option for the dataset.

After that, you can see the explore information here.


In this article, I showed you how to create Azure Machine Learning Datasets.