It's great to use Microsoft Defender for Cloud. On our mission to increase our security and compliance posture, we could acquire more knowledge and advice.

We benefit via comprehensive threat management, improved infrastructure security, and the flexibility to harden resource configuration. To ensure we're on the correct route, we can also assess how we stack up against industry benchmarks and frameworks for legal compliance.

Best feature 01: Azure Security Benchmark

You can keep records of the Azure Security Benchmark v3 in the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Regulatory Compliance Dashboard. The benchmark is a set of security standards and best practices that are applied to all Azure services.

Implementing the Azure Security Benchmark is quite helpful and keeps us alert to make sure we have a security posture that is well-designed. Microsoft Defender for Cloud analyzes our Azure real estate automatically, and we can evaluate the findings and take appropriate action via the Regulatory Compliance dashboard.


  • The total number of controls that passed all the available checks.
  • Check the Azure Security Benchmark tab to find out which controls work and which don't, then expand to take action.

In order to take action, we can drop down into more specific controls.

  • A weak control.
  • We sometimes have the choice of a Quick Repair. The Quick Fix can be important when the answer is straightforward, such as when Microsoft Defender for Storage is enabled for the subscription. But observe out for the costs!

Best feature 02: Workbooks

Microsoft Defender for Cloud has three workbook angles.

  • Built-in Workbooks
  • Community Workbooks
  • Your custom Workbooks

Built-in Workbooks

Workbooks are which was before inside Microsoft Defender for Cloud. These are excellent for taking immediate action and gaining insights into issues in your cloud estate.

Remember that you can edit each of these workbooks and save your customized version. This is quite helpful if you want to customize the system to meet your specific needs, which I strongly advise.

Compliance Over Time

This is an excellent approach to tracking changes in your compliance over time. Of course, you may utilize it to view the most recent relevant data, but in my viewpoint, the power here is to identify whether or not your compliance posture is improving.

To display how the workbook would appear, I've chosen a few subscribers in the sample that could use some serious improvement.

Community Workbooks

We can use various community workbooks to learn more about the design of workbooks. I recommend you to take a look at these because they can help you learn how to query and build your workbooks so that you can gain the data and insights you demand.

custom Workbooks

It doesn't matter if the workbooks are completely rebuilt from start or if they are improved or modified. One of Azure's features is that we can indefinitely personalize our workbooks.

Best feature 03: Recommendations

Looking to the Form of a list and checking what we should do next is probably the most frequent action using Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

It's simple to filter, and we can quickly see our security score and unhealthful resources, and that is why I prefer it.


During this article Get knowledge about Microsoft Defender for Cloud's best features. in my next article, I will cover this series.