Create an app for Canvas using data from an Excel file


In this lesson, you'll use information from an Excel table to build your first canvas app in Power Apps. You will choose an Excel file, make an app, and finally launch your program. Screens to explore records, display record data, and create or change records are included in every app that is created. Using Excel data, you can quickly generate an app that works, which you can then modify to better fulfill your requirements.


A cloud storage account like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox must store the Excel file. OneDrive for Business is utilized for this subject.



·         The Excel should be collected and saved to your cloud storage account.

·         Choose your own Excel file but ensure that the data is formatted as a table.

·         The methodology described in this article makes advantage of the most recent connection. Learn about several techniques and how they impact the connection version being utilized.


Build the app

Log in to the Power Apps portal.

Select Excel option under Start from.

You will be required to establish a OneDrive for Business connection if you don't already have one. To establish the connection, choose to Create.

Choose the connection for OneDrive for Business.

Browse to the location where the Excel file is stored; in this example, it is called FlooringEstimates.xlsx.

Select the table—in this example, Flooring Estimates—under Choose a table, and then click Connect.



Launch the app

To access Preview, press F5 (or by clicking or tapping the play icon near the upper-right corner)

By clicking or scrolling the sort symbol in the top-right corner, you can change the sort order.


Filter the list by typing or copying one or more characters in the search box.

To display the one and only record for which the string carpet appears in the product name, category, or overview, type or paste it.

Add new record

Choose the symbol.

Choose the checkmark icon to save your changes after adding any more data you require.




Summary: In this article we learned Create an app for Canvas using data from an Excel file, in our next article we will learn how to do connect  data..