How to use GitHub to launch your web application

Azure App Service is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that lets developers create, launch, and grow web, mobile, and API apps rapidly. It is available within Microsoft Azure. One particular kind of Azure App Service that is dedicated to hosting web applications is called Azure Web Apps.

With Azure Web Apps, you can create and host web applications using well-known programming languages like Java,.NET, Node.js, Python, and PHP on a fully managed platform. It has functions including load balancing, traffic management, continuous deployment, and monitoring in addition to automatic scalability.

In contrast, Azure App Service is a more comprehensive category that covers not just Azure Web Apps but also additional App Service products like Azure Functions (which are used for serverless computing), Azure Logic Apps (which automate workflows), and Azure API Management (which manages APIs).



Open the Azure Portal and login.

Establish Web App Services.

Choose the appropriate Subscription, then either use the pre-existing resources group or create a new one under that Subscription.

Input the details of the instance.

Click the Review + Create button after completing the fields.

View the outcome; the deployment is finished.


Visit the Web App That Was Created. Under the Deployment section, choose Deployment Center.

After that, choose the deployment method to use under the Source section. 


Next, choose Source [Github] and proceed to Authorize for the following step.


View the procedure for Authorizing Azure App Service. In addition to choosing the appropriate Organization, choose "Authorize AzureAppService".


You can view the GitHub Authorizing account after granting authorization. Next, choose the appropriate Organization, along with the appropriate Repository and Branch.


After you make your selections, we may use the Preview file option to verify the workflow configuration specifics.


See the Preview file here:


Once all the data has been verified, choose the "Save" option.

Once saved, view the details here.


Go to the appropriate organization in the appropriate repository after opening your GitHub account. The ".github/workflows" folder is visible. Slide that folder open.


Examine the master file, then click the "Action" button.



Keep track of the job's progress and the build's deployment.

After the deployment is finished. We are able to view the result.


This article describes how to launch your web application using GitHub. The other GitHub functionalities will be covered in the upcoming post.