Azure Blueprints Intro

Azure Blueprints is Considered similar to a blueprint for construction. A blueprint assists architects, engineers, and technicians in ensuring that what they are building adheres to the established standards and that the final result satisfies the criteria.

Azure Blueprints are pre-configured templates or setups based on use cases. When installing new architectures, they have components that assist firms in implementing best practices and rules. They assist in removing the guesswork from the system configuration.

Following these steps,

Go to the Azure portal and log in.

After opening the Azure portal, click All Services >> Management + Governance >> Blueprints.


Then, click Create on the Blueprints | Getting Started page.

Click Start with a blank blueprint once you're on the Create blueprint page. This will allow you to start through with a new blueprint.

In the Blueprint box on the Basics tab, type the name of the new blueprint. Only letters, numbers, and dashes are permitted in names. BlueprintHTW is the blueprint name to use in this case.

To open the scope selection, click the ellipsis button to the right of the Definition location box.

Select the subscription where you plan to establish the blueprint from the Definition location fly-out and click Select. Click Next: Artifacts after you've selected your subscription.

You'll find the artifacts list under the Artifacts tab, which should be empty because no artifacts have been added yet. so, click the Add artifact button.

Expand the Artifact type dropdown menu and select Resource group, then, the deployment is guaranteed to establish a new resource group.

Then, to the blueprint, add a Role assignment item. This ensures that upon deployment, Azure will add a role assignment to the resource group.

To begin, go to the Resource group branch and select the Add artifact button.

Select Role assignment and choose the Contributor role, then click to Add.


You've now added two objects to the subscription, and you've decided where to make the blueprint. Finally, click Save Draft to finish the blueprint.

After the creation, you'll have a blueprint specification that will construct a resource group with access to the resources for a person or group with the Contributor role.

The draft blueprint will now appear in the list of blueprint definitions.

Publish blueprint

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In this article, I showed How to deploy Azure Blueprints with Steps.